canstockphoto11220478The casting of an astrological chart for the date, time and place of one’s birth is useful for understanding personality and one’s psychological tendencies. It can explain why a particular pattern repeats itself in one’s life, what karmic debts are left over from previous lifetimes and the lessons behind why certain people or situations turn up in one’s life. The chart presents layers of information which Mara explains through the interpretation of how the planets, sun and moon interact with each other, each tempered by the sign and house it occupies. Her readings are a combination of the mechanics of astrology and intuition, a blending of left and right brain. She’s both conversant with the structural bones of astrology, and can open to information from other sources as well.

People often choose to have astrology readings when they feel they’re at a decisive crossroads, their lives are out of control, or their urges and desires suddenly feel unfamiliar and change seems immanent. A reading can show how the planets in today’s sky are influencing one’s birth chart and therefore one’s actual life. Many people receive understanding and solace from that.
Mara’s readings are generally over the phone, unless an in-person session is possible. Each reading is interactive, and she gives emphasis to the questions that are most vital to the client. Readings are recorded and clients receive CDs of the session for their future reference.


canstockphoto16402695Ki or chi refers to the life force or energy that animates all life. Independent of her astrology readings, Mara also works with ki through therapeutic touch or the calling in of certain frequencies associated with particular forms of energy work. Receiving energy work can be enormously healing because it helps release stagnated ki and reharmonizes the body. People who experience chronic pain or illness, muscle tension, anxiety, depression and symptoms that elude diagnosis can benefit from these sessions.

For people who respond to a more vigorous approach, Breema Bodywork® treats the whole body, mind and spirit through a series of movements that resemble Thai massage or shiatsu. Movements include tapping, compressing, holding, brushing and stretching. Because Breema doesn’t claim to “fix” the client, Mara trusts that by creating an atmosphere of presence and acceptance, healing naturally takes place. Breema addresses all nature of illnesses, chronic pain, anxiety and depression through simple touch.

Both energy work and Breema bodywork are available at Mara’s healing studio in Leverett, MA.