Planets in AstrologyMara has been offering astrology readings for the past ten years. She has studied with Barbara Breuer, Joseph Crane and Steven Forrest.

Natal Reading
Mara begins with the premise that the configuration of the planets, sun and moon at the moment of one’s birth creates an imprint that influences that person throughout life. A reading illuminates the many aspects of this imprint which manifest as personality traits, gifts and deficits. Her particular emphasis is looking at one’s soul contract, the lessons still unfinished from previous lifetimes and the direction indicated for this current incarnation. Her readings cover all aspects of one’s unique blueprint.

As a part of every natal reading Mara looks at the position of four significant planets in today’s sky and how their energies impact one’s birth chart. This information is useful to shed light on the current events of one’s life, both positive and seemingly negative. What appear to be challenges are usually a clearing out for new and higher energies to come in.

Mara compares the natal charts of two people – particularly useful for couples in relationship – to determine compatibility, positive elements and areas that may present difficulty, along with tools for addressing these.

This chart synthesizes the energies of two peoples’ charts to create a third chart which is an expression of what they create together. It can be useful in understanding why two people are together and how their union serves the greater community.

Solar Return
Constructed at the time of one’s birthday, this chart indicates the particular planetary, solar and lunar energies at play for the coming year. It suggests the “flavor” of the year between birthdays and is useful not as a predictor of specific events, but as a marker of general tendencies for the coming year.


  • Natal reading and transits 1 ½ hours $145.
  • Transits alone ¾ hour $70.
  • Solar Return 1 hour $100.
  • Synastry and composite 1 ¼ hours $125.
  • Synastry alone 1 hour $100.