mara_breema2 Beginning in the early 1990’s Mara began receiving attunements and practicing different types of energy work, including Reiki, Johrei, Shambhala, Temple Academies, and Integrated Energy Therapy. Her sessions now involve a blending of modalities, depending on what the client either presents or asks for.

In the late 1990’s Mara received her first Breema Bodywork® session and from that moment became a student of the “art of being present.” She is a certified Breema bodywork practitioner and instructor and teaches in New England and New York.

Breema bodywork is non-diagnostic, trusting instead in the body’s innate wisdom to seek health and balance. During a session the client, fully clothed, lies on her back on a mat on the floor and mara_breema1receives an integrated series of movements, involving stretching, tapping, holding and brushing. The movements range from vigorous to gentle and induce deep relaxation, a sense of restoration and well being. Because doing Breema encourages the practitioner to be present, Mara brings her attention throughout the session to the activity of her own body and breath. This enhances the client’s experience.

For more information about Mara’s experience with Breema, please read the article she wrote for Wisdom Magazine.

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  • Breema bodywork session 1 hour $80.
  • Energy work session 1 hour $80.
  • Combined Breema and enery work 1 ¼ hour $90.

Introduce a friend to Breema bodywork or energy work and receive half off your next session.