About Mara Bright

Mara BrightMara Bright is comfortable working with a diversity of people and enjoys being of service. Early on she applied these interests to a twenty-two year career teaching high school English and later running school libraries. During that time she and her family homesteaded on thirty acres of land in west central Massachusetts, raising their own food, heating with wood and living sustainably. Her experiences on the land deepened her relationship to the natural world and her connection to the sources of life.

Over the years she has practiced Vipassana meditation and the tenets of Buddhism and has been a student of Adyshanti and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. Other teachers who have influenced her development in the direction of being more conscious are Mercedes Longfellow, a Mayan elder, and Mirabai Devi, a spiritual teacher in the Hindu tradition. Mara has been a student of Breema® for fifteen years, which has given her tools to be more present in her daily life. She has attended numerous intensives at the Breema Center in Oakland, CA and is a certified Breema practitioner and instructor. She has been giving astrology readings for the past ten years and most recently has broadened her approach to include Steven Forrest’s work in karmic astrology.

Throughout her life she has kept her strong connection to nature, Spirit and the outdoors, often using writing as a way to ground her experiences. She has been a writer and teacher of writing for forty years. She brings to her astrology readings, bodywork and energy work a respect for the client and a trust in the guidance she receives by being connected to Spirit through her own body and breath.